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I have a secret....you are in complete control of your life. Every thought you think creates your reality so changing your life is as easy as changing your thoughts

That might sound crazy and honestly pissed me off when someone first told me about Law of Attraction.

It sounded too easy and went against every thing I was taught.

"You have to work hard to be successful"
"No one said life was fair."
"Some people are just lucky"

NONE of that was true. It is all just a belief that can be transformed.

THAT is my zone of genius.

Helping you look at the current limiting beliefs you have, really question if they are true, and transform them into positive ones so you can manifest the life of your dreams.

Every day you have 1,000's of thoughts go through your mind and all of them affect your mood, habits, perception of others, and actions you take. All of these things combined together create your life.

By changing your thoughts, you create a ripple effect of change in your reality.

And I am here to help you do it every single day!

Working with a coach gives you the space to do the inner work as well as all of my knowledge from years of learning, applying, and teaching Law of Attraction to others.

Your dream life is just on the other side of your limiting beliefs! Let's start shifting them together.


Vitality Virtual Fit Studio - 2020-12-19

Each week we will hang out virtually for an hour and talk about YOU - your goals, fears, desires, limiting beliefs, self care, and ALL the things that affect your vibration. This is your space to work through the hard stuff and learn how to think differently. Consider me your spiritual bestie, cheerleader, shoulder to cry on, and kick in the ass here for you every day through text as well as during our weekly call. Most of the calls flow in this order:

Call 1: Getting to know you, Goal Setting, +
Law of Attraction 101

Call 2: Removing Limiting Beliefs +
Reprogramming Your Mindset

Call 3: Your Daily Alignment Ritual

Call 4: Elevate to Your Next Level

(repeat! Most clients hang out with me weekly for 3-6 months to really embody these principles. As you begin to clear limiting beliefs and manifest more into your life, different thoughts appear you may need to shift. This is an on going journey and new way of living. I hold you spot month to month as long as you want to work together, but my goal is to teach you how to do it for yourself so you don't need me forever)

this is for the woman who...

...is ready to chase her dream life, but not sure where to start

...has a huge goals, but feels blocked achieving them

...desires to show up her best self in all areas of her life
...is committed to her own growth
...knows her highest self is ready to emerge

what you will receive...

Weekly 60 Minute 1-on-1 Call (value $333/weekly)
Journal Prompts aka homework ($111/weekly)
Daily Text Support (value $55/daily)


Access to Elevate Yourself & Income (value $160)
 Manifest it! Journals (value $30)
Access to Elevate Yourself & Health (value $220)

Monthly total cost: $1,111

*coaching on a month to month basis with payment required before first session.
Payment plans available per request. Email tarasimonefit@gmail.com to discuss options.

what is your next step...

If any of what I said resonates with you, I would love to chat! Simply fill out this application so we can discuss your goals & what you need in a coach.
This is not a contract, just a few emails & a discovery call about YOU to see if we are a good fit.
(I will also teach you how to manifest the $1,111 on this call if the investment feels scary!)

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My Story

At one point in time I felt so disconnected from my purpose, I considered disconnecting from this life all together. I felt hopeless. I felt like I would never find my dream job, friendships, relationships, or life. Nothing seemed to be going right for me...
...until I changed my mindset. I have spent the last two years of my life living by one principle "how would my highest self show up today?" This one practice
transformed every area of my life to the point where I feel passionate, aligned, and in love with my reality.

Everyday I committed to acting as if this highest version I imagined of myself were my reality. Even when I had the part time job I hated...and when my body image issues consumed my mind...and my relationship was so toxic I couldn't breathe...and I couldn't afford my bills...every thing that went wrong I decided to rewrite the story in my head and allow the law of attraction to change my reality.

(disclaimer: I still have my off days. I still have the days where I am not on my pink cloud and need more meditation and crystals than possible. But that is not important..what is important is how quickly you can shift back into your high vibe state.)

Today my life looks completely different. I am in the best relationship, body, and mindset of my life doing something I love and able to go to bed each night with a smile on my face because this is the life I visualized for myself three years ago.

I did not do anything crazy to manifest this life and I definitely did not hustle this life into existence. I used simply, easy to apply tools to transform my mindset and allowed the rest to flow into my life.

My hope is that I can pass the same tools and mindset on to the next woman and she can do the same for another because I truly belief woman vibing in their highest state can change the world.
To connect more and see more of my work, check out our blog below! 
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