• Tara Simone

10 Things Under $10 To Boost Self Confidence

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

In a funk? Trying to cheer yourself up? Try these 10 things to boost your self confidence all under $10

Let's be honest...we ALL need a confidence boost from time to time. Whether it's after a breakup or just a bad day, there's a few things that make me FEEL amazing without breaking the bank! These 10 things under $10 will help you drop the self doubt and learn to love yourself a little more! There's everything from makeup to crystals to books on the list and my official Tara Stamp of Approval (not that that's really a thing, but I can put a smiley sticker on these items if you really want)

*disclaimer: confidence is an INSIDE job! These things will help you feel more confident today, but for longterm happiness, love, and confidence you have to do the inside work! and don't worry I put my favorite things for that too below!

10. Jergen's Natural Glow Self Tanner $8.64

Seriously though who doesn't love a little bit of a tan?! and who else doesn't want to damage their skin?!?! This one is my personal fave!

No gross smell, no oompa-loompa orange, and its gradual so you can control the darkness. Under $10 and it only took 2 applications for me to notice a difference! (also tan skin = muscle popping so win-win)

9. False Lashes $8.00