• Tara Simone

10 Tips for a Healthy Girl Summer

Healthy Girl Summer Tips! Best advice to be healthier, get in shape, improve mental health, and transform yourself this summer from Tara Simone Fit

Did you hear? Hot girl summer is cancelled and these next few months are all about YOU. What if this summer was the most transformational one of your LIFE - physically, mentally, and spiritually?!

A few months of focus can make all the difference in your life just like it has for me and my clients in the Vitality Virtual Fit Studio. Simply focusing on our health every day with fun workouts, easy nutrition, meditations, and a few more tips I'll share below, I've watched these women go from shy to confident, quiet to empowered, and most importantly - shame to self love.

If you are ready to up level your life and have the happiest & healthiest summer ever, keep on reading!

Drop the diet mindset! I am sure you have heard this before, but diets don't work. Like 95% of them fail, but yet sooo many people still start them every spring to get that "bikini bod". What if instead this summer you simply focused on adding a few habits here and there that will make a big difference?

When you start small, you are more likely to keep doing it which is the KEY to long term results. Trying to change your entire life overnight isn't going to happen and will just leave you feeling defeated. Pick one new habit a week to start like some of the ones I share below!

Also focus on what you can add to your life, such as more water, movement, etc, instead of what you are taking away like most diets do. Telling yourself "I can't have chocolate or margaritas" only makes you crave it more. Instead tell yourself what you CAN have. "I can eat more fruits and veggies now!", "I can do workouts that are fun every day", and so on. Remember, what you focus on expands so focus on the things you want to occur!

Drink more water! This ends up on every healthy blog and post I write because it is the most underrated tip. Before you worry about what workout program to follow or this new magic food ever guru is pushing, check your hydration status. If you didn't drink half your body weight in ounces of water yesterday, START THERE! Simply drinking 16oz before every meal to help you hit your goal.

Hydration is a huge factor in aging, weight loss, cognitive function, cravings, mood, and so much more. Start chugging enough water every day and after a week you will be shocked at the difference inside and out.

Ps. Bonus tip! I find see through water bottles with a straw helps me drink more. Being able to see how much I need to drink to finish the bottle motivates me to chug it and the straw makes it easier to takes sips all day long. I'll link a cute one here for you!

Eat protein for breakfast! I know a cute smoothie bowl is a vibey summer breakfast, but it may not keep you full for long. Carbohydrates in fruits tend to digest super fast and may cause a sugar crash later if not balanced with fiber and protein. Consider adding some protein powder like this tasty strawberry one or changing your breakfast entirely.