• Tara Simone

30 Day Highest Self Challenge

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Ready to make 2021 your BEST YEAR EVER?!? (regardless of what the year may bring!)

I was thinking to myself “what has been the most transformative thing in your life and wish you started doing sooner?.... Meditation. Fitness. Reading Self Help Books." Those 3 things can absolutely change your life, but so many people give up before the magic happens. The key is consistency which is why I created the 30 DAY HIGHEST SELF CHALLENGE for all my clients in the Vitality Virtual Fit Studio! Together we will create your perfect Morning Alignment Routine. I am giving you all the tools, tricks, tips, and accountability to manifest your dream life by simply focusing on feeling your best physically, emotionally, and spiritually consistently the next 30 days.


(& GIVEAWAY) CLOSES 12/21/2020!

And what a better time to start than January 1st?! THIS will set the foundation for an amazing year! All you have to do is these 5 THINGS EVERY SINGLE DAY:

30 Day Highest Self Challenge Tracker

Meditate for 5 minutes

We all know meditation is supposed to have all these amazing benefits, but it can be so hard to start a consistent practice especially when our mind keeps drifting away every few seconds! That is why I am included sixty 5 minute guided meditations you can do anywhere anytime. These "I am" meditations make it easy to get into a practice since it is quick and completely guided so all you have to do is listen along and take a deep breath.

Read 10 minutes of Self Help Book

If you have never read a self help book before you may be skeptical, I know I was, but they are one of the best things you can do for your mental health. Learning new coping skills, understanding why we react the way we do, and finding new ways to motivate yourself are just the tip of all the amazing things waiting inside the covers of that book you think is full of crap. 10 minutes a day of reading transformed my mindset and we are making it fun with our weekly virtual book club for Gabby Bernstein's Super Attractor! This book will teach you basic manifestation, that when combined with all the other feel good practices in this challenge, will make you a powerful co-creator.

Write a Gratitude List

Another easy practice so many people skip over cause if its that easy to manifest by simply being grateful why doesn't everyone do it right? Because everyone thinks it has to be difficult to achieve what you want. The truth is focusing on positive aspects of your life combined with feeling good is all that is needed to create a life beyond your wildest dreams. Spending a few minutes a day to find gratitude for your current experience is enough to manifest your highest self. Just a grab a journal and get writing! And don't worry, I will remind you daily to do this in our exclusive high vibe virtual community - The Vitality Virtual Fit Studio.

Sweat or stretch for 30 minutes

I always say feeling good is your only job! Working out is one way to help you feel amazing physically as well as mentally. It isn't just for aethestics, exercise helps relieve stress, release endorphins, and leads to better sleep. When your mind is no longer consumed with your health and body, you have space to manifest beautiful thi