• Tara Simone

5 Ways To Have More High Vibe Sex

Trying to spice it up in the bedroom? Maybe have more romantic sex? Try these tips to add all the vibes!

Looking to take it to the next level in the bedroom?

No! Not like that (unless you're into that)

I am talking about combining the spiritual and sexy ;) Everything in life is a combination of the practical and spiritual even in the bedroom. You heard me right..crystals, frequencies, toys, herbs...#ALLthevibes

Check out and try somethings from this list below of 5 Ways To Have More High Vibe Sex with your partner (or self) tonight!

And as with everything I share take what you love and leave what you don't!

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1. 528Hz Frequency

I decided to start with the most woo-woo of them all so just stick with me here! Vibration is everything right? And every vibration has its own frequency. Love supposedly vibrates at a frequency of 528Hz meaning playing music at this frequency can help you foster a deeper connection with your partner, feel more lovey vibes, and possibly better sex.

At the very least it ain't gonna hurt and youtube has some really peaceful 528Hz frequencies to play in the background.

If you wish to read more about the 528Hz frequency, you can check out this article by Gaia.

2. Rose Quartz