• Tara Simone

Muscle Burns Fat #mbf- The Best Way To Lose Weight

Updated: Jun 22


Stick of doing cardio all the time and never decreasing body fat percentage or losing weight? Me too! I ran for years and didn't see much progress until I started lifting weights as well. The truth is muscle requires more calories even at rest so the more you lift weights the more fat you burn. While cardio is amazing for overall health it is not the best way to lose weight. Our newest workout program Muscle Burns Fat #mbf and Muscle Burns Fat Advanced #mbfa from Beachbody focus on this principle to help you build lean muscle and burn fat in just 35 minutes a day at home! Try a FREE workout here!



"Cardio burns more calories"

Yes and no. Cardio such as running does burn more calories per minute than lifting, but the calorie burn stops when you do. On the other hand, after lifting our metabolism remain elevated for up to 24 hours after so you burn more calories overall. Lastly, a pound of muscle burns more calories than a pound of fat at rest. This means overtime you will need more calories to maintain your body weight or will lose weight and fat naturally from your elevated caloric needs.

"Fat turns into muscle"

Nope! They are different tissues entirely and you can't turn one into the other. But when you gain muscle your basal metabolic rate (aka your body burning calories when doing nothing) increases so you burn more calories and eventually fat! So while you cannot turn fat into muscle, you can use muscle to burn more fat.


"I'll get bulky if I lift weights"

NOPE. Biologically female people do not have enough testosterone to put on a lot of muscle at once. Lifting gives you sexy curves and toned muscles when done correctly.

Cardio or weight lifting for fat loss? Nutrition or exercise focus on first? SO many questions and a lot of fads out there. Here are 8 fitness myths busted!

"I need a gym to lift weights"

I'll be honest - I haven't gone to a gym in 3 years. I only workout at home and have 5 pairs of weights (5-20lbs). To build muscle, you do not have to lift really heavy weights. Instead you can focus on time under tension and volume training to build muscles using only a few weights! This also prevents unnecessary injuries from lifting too heavy with improper form. We will show you how in #mbf and guide you through every movement!