• Tara Simone

Barre Boxing Bootcamp

Looking for a workout that will define your abs, build long lean legs, lift your booty, and elevate your mood? Barre Boxing combines all the amazing benefits of Barre Blend and 10 Rounds boxing in this 4 week online bootcamp you can do from home in under 40 minutes a day! Together we will get amazing results as well as create healthy habits that last for life.

If you are like me, you have tried everything - fad diets, detoxes, intense cardio, heavy lifting, running, fat burners, etc - but nothing really worked long term. I would get so discouraged after a few weeks of trying before giving up and finding a new program to follow. It wasn't until I found the two keys to results: SUSTAINABILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY.

The truth is any workout program or diet will help you lose weight, tone up, and see results IF you can stick to it. That's why most diets and excessive workout routines don't work. After a few weeks it is consuming your life, taking time away from the things that truly matter, and still not showing results. So we give up and go google search the next diet to try. I was stuck in this cycle for years and it felt impossible to get the results I wanted physically and mentally.

That is why I created Barre Boxing - your new favorite way to sweat it out! Using just 2-10lb weights, your laptop, and our super trainers on demand we will get amazing results together in under 40 minutes a day without wondering if we are doing the exercises right, what workout to do what day, or how to really see results. Every day all you have to do is press play on your workout and follow our trainers and cast through the workouts.

And don't worry - I will be there every step of the way doing this 4 week bootcamp with you along with everyone in our Barre Boxing Bootcamp! We have found that creating healthy habits together and supporting each other through the first few weeks makes a huge difference in long term results. Having accountability groups like this bootcamp is what really helped me stay committed to my goals and see results that last. That is why I provide my coaching and bootcamp along with the workouts and nutrition guides. Each morning we check in with each other, log our workouts, and post as sweaty selfies to keep us accountable. I also provide daily fitness tips, nutrition advice, and healthy recipes to make this healthy transition as easy as possible.

This is not your typical diet or workout program. This is a new way of living and loving your body.