• Tara Simone

Vitality Virtual Fit Studio x Boxing

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Looking to gain all the awesome benefits of boxing such as toned arms and strong core, but don't want to pay for an expensive boxing gym membership or for a heavy weight bag? GIRL, I feel ya! And that's why I love 10 Rounds Boxing. This program will define your abs, build lean arm muscles, and give you a great total body workout all from home in under 40 minutes a day for half the cost! Sound too good to be true? Try the 10 Rounds Sample Workout for free below!

For years, I have wanted to try boxing but always felt intimidated by the gym environment and the cost. An average class around me cost $18 for just one class and of course they recommend 3 classes a week to see results. That is almost $220 for one month and there's no guarantee I'll even like it or see results!? Uh no thank you!

That's why I created my Vitality Virtual Fit Studio and add amazing programs to constantly such as 10 Rounds created by Joel Freeman! In 6 weeks and only 5 days a week, we are going to get amazing results and learn the fundamentals of boxing all from home for the same price of just one month of boxing classes! I will be here every day doing the workouts online and hosting our online fit studio for all us boxing babes so you never feel alone in this! Just look at all my amazing clients already crushing it together online!

Client Success Stories

And of course, our nutrition guide and meal plans are included. Don't worry - its not restrictive at all! No calories counting, food weighing, or annoying tracking app. Just nutrition backed by science, not fads and lots of balance. (Ben & Jerry's is staple in our house and that's never changing! Haha) You can still eat your favorite foods and we will simply teach you how to make them work for your goals by including some healthier alternatives. After studying dietetics for four years in college, I know how important nutrition is to your results and we focus on changing your relationship with food so those results last a lifetime.

This is not your typical workout program or online bootcamp...

...it is a new way of moving, loving, and living in your body.

In Vitality Virtual Fit Studio, we don't just focus on the physical side of things with fitness and nutrition, but the mental as well.