• Tara Simone

Eco-friendly Beauty Swaps

Eco-friendly beauty swaps that save you money and save the planet like bamboo toothbrushes, safety razors, shampoo bars, and more. If you ever wondered "is eco-friendly more expensive" this blog will help you see the true cost and savings with switching to more sustainable products (and some are even on Amazon!)

With the beauty industry contributing 120 billion units of plastic packaging every year, many are switching to more eco-friendly health and beauty products to do their part in healing the planet. But there's also a belief that is costs more to go eco-friendly! So here are a eco-friendly beauty swaps I have made in my bathroom to save the planet and myself some money!

I even shared on my instagram that I started affirming "The Universe rewards me for helping the planet" because I have saved so much money making the switch and my skin & hair have never been healthier!

Just a friendly reminder, even though these swaps are more eco-friendly that doesn't mean you need to replace all your products today! As your current shampoos, conditioners, cleansers, etc run out, try one of these alternatives one by one and soon your whole vanity will be full of products better for the planet and you!

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  1. Switch to Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Not only do shampoo and conditioner usually come in plastic bottles and take up tons of space during transportation leading to more gas & emissions, but you are also paying for 80% water!

Instead shampoo and conditioner bars take the water so you only are paying for the ingredients that are good for your hair. Simply rub the bar between your hands in the shower and wash your hair like usual!

I also find using shampoo and conditioner that my hair is healthier with less ingredients. For years I struggled with dandruff and fizzy hair. No matter what products or home remedies I tried nothing helped. A friend recommended Vida Bars and within a week my scalp was flake free!

Also, these magically little bars last longer than most bottled products! I have only needed 3 sets for the ENTIRE year. At $25 a set that is only $75 a year for all your shampoo and conditioner. Plus they are travel friendly so no need to buy mini sizes or worry about TSA taking them.

Since that day I have shared their bars with everyone because they WORK, save me money, are female f