• Tara Simone

What the eff is EFT Tapping?

What is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping & How Can You Use It To Manifest Your Desires

You may have heard or seen this spiritual technique floating around the internet, but what is EFT Tapping and does it actually work? Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping was created in the 1990's by Gary Craig and has been changing lives since. This simple form of healing has the client lightly tap on different energy meridian points on their body, similar to the ones used in acupuncture, while talking through an issue or repeating a script. This process of tapping and talking helps calm the amygdala down which is responsible for fight or flight in the body while also reprogramming the subconscious mind to change your beliefs about the subject. Personally, I use this technique every morning to heal any negative beliefs I notice so I can continue to manifest with ease!

Keep reading if you want to hear what happened in my life after a month of EFT Tapping daily as well as how to use it on your own journey, the best scripts & videos to follow, and everything you need to know to get started!

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How Does EFT Tapping Work?

As I mentioned above EFT Tapping is a simple healing process that anyone can do by lightly tapping with your fingers on different energy meridian points on the body such as the top of the head, under the eyes, and collarbone. There a few different variations of where to tap in what order, but the most common sequence can be found in the graphic.

Now these meridian points are some of the same ones used in acupuncture and correlate with the energy system in the body. According to Dr. Dawson Church, “Acupoint tapping sends signals directly to the stress centers of the mid-brain, not mediated by the frontal lobes (the thinking part, active in talk therapy).” Because EFT simultaneously accesses stress on physical and emotional levels, he adds, “EFT gives you the best of both worlds, body and mind, like getting a massage during a psychotherapy session.” All our negative emotions, past trauma, and unhealed experiences exist in our bodies and can affect our mood, perception of self and others, and basically your entire life.

If you follow me on Instagram @magically_tarasimone, you know I teach manifestation and how our beliefs shape our reality particularly when it comes to money. Thoughts such as "Money is the root of all evil", "I have to work hard to earn more", or "rich people are evil" can block you from abundance. By EFT Tapping through these beliefs we can clear them away and program new ones into your brains such as "Money supports my needs & desires", "Good people do good things with money", or any other negative belief you want to shift.

People also use EFT Tapping for a wide variety of things such as mental illness, physical pain, eating disorders, anxiety, weight loss, and much more! But no matter what you are tapping on, all sessions start the same way.

How to EFT Tap

First, you identify what you are tapping on and how severe the issue is on a scale of 1-10. By the end of your tapping session the goal is to get that number down to a 3 or less. Once you put a number to the severity of the issue,