• Tara Simone

Elevate Yourself (& Income)

Updated: Jul 3

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Feeling stuck in your network marketing business and salesy sending cold invites day after day. ME TOO! That is why I created Elevate Yourself (& Income) to teach spiritual entrepreneurs how to manifest their ideal client with ease and most importantly FUN. This is the best way I have found to grow my network marketing
Elevate Yourself and Income

"Send more 'hey girl!' cold invites every day!

Invite all your friends on Facebook to a sale party!

Post about the product more!

Follow up until they say yes (or block you)!"

Anyone else tired of these network marketing and online business tactics that don't really work and leave you feeling burnout, salesy, and stuck. ME TOO.

I did all the things I heard my upline's telling me and saw some success along the way, but every month was a struggle to find those few people to sign up and I still didn't feel like I was growing. I saw all these distributors at the top signing up hundreds of clients and distributors each week so clearly it was possible, but I didn't know how.

After listening to training after training from top leaders trying to figure this whole online business thing out, I realized one thing...


Every person seeing success did it a different way. No one person got to the top the same way.

So really the strategy didn't matter that much, their energy did!

These top ladies where attracting clients to them effortlessly and easily.

They deeply believed in what they were selling and used it daily. Their Instagram Stories everyday was just them living their life and sharing their links. They were having FUN and being profitable.