• Tara Simone

Easy Fall & Halloween Disney Crafts

Updated: Oct 19

Quick, easy, and cheap Disney DIY Fall and Halloween crafts for beginners! These easy handmade home decorations give you a little Mickey Mouse and a whole lot of halloween! See the blog to learn how to make Mickey Pumpkins, Mickey Ghosts, and so much more!

Get ready to get a little spooky! These easy DIY Disney Fall and Halloween Crafts are some of my favorite to do on a cold, cozy autumn afternoon.

My goal with any project is to keep it easy, cheap, and FUN. Scroll down to learn how to make Dollar Tree Mickey Pumpkins, quick and spooky bats, and my favorite this year - Mickey & Minnie Ghost!! I also included some crafts that have been saved to my Pinterest from other bloggers for you to try.

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Mickey Pumpkin Sign 🎃 another quick and easy Dollar Tree Craft! All you need is one larger wood pumpkin, two smaller wood pumpkins for ears, orange paint, black sharpie or paint, hot glue, and a chopstick or dowel.

To start, paint your wood pumpkins orange. Once dry hot glue the smaller pumpkins aka the ears to the larger pumpkin on either side of the stem.

Now, hot glue the dowel or chopstick to the back leaving a few inches sticking out the bottom so you can stick in into the ground (or add rope to the top to hang it.)

Lastly, draw a Mickey Face on the pumpkin! 💛