• Tara Simone

Fall in Love with Your Life Challenge

Updated: Aug 28


Here's the thing...you should LOVE your life! You should be so excited every day to wake up and experience another day on this beautiful planet. You should smile more than you worry and go to sleep every night feeling on cloud nine..

...I know I probably sound a little crazy and like I have never had a bad day or dark time in my life.

But that is far from true. For awhile my life was so bleak, I didn't want to live it anymore. Every day was a struggle just to get through and all I wanted to do was hide under my blankets forever.

I honestly didn't think happiness was possible for me.

And now I am known online as one of the most positive people and made a career out of helping people love the eff out of themselves!

SO what changed?!

I didn't win a millionaire dollars or have a fairy godmother waive a magic wand over my head.

I simply started looking for the magic in my life daily and creating it whenever I couldn't find it.

Little things every day like a new skincare routine, taking a walk outside to appreciate nature, buying my favorite candle, or a little self pleasure was what helped me fall back in love with my life.

A few little habits and mindset shifts can completely transform your reality.

Don't believe me? I have seen it happen not just in my own life, but countless times with my online clients when the