• Tara Simone

Gift Guide for Girl Boss 2020

Looking for the perfect girl for your new girl boss? This gift guide is perfect for network marketers, boss lady, and female ceo! The perfect and best gifts for her 2020!

Do you have a new female entrepreneur in your life you want to celebrate, but not sure what to get her? This Girl Boss Gift Guide is your go to for finding her the perfect promotion, Christmas, or birthday present. Everything the boss lady could possibly need to grow her business and take care of herself along the way! No more guessing what she wants. This guide will tell you exactly what she has had her eye on and would love to receive.

When I first started my business these were things on my wish list that would have made that first year so much easier! The items below are also some of my favorite presents from others that mean the world to me and showed they supported my young business. Sometimes, it is the little things that mean the most.

Remember, the best gift comes from the heart! I hope this list sparks some ideas and helps you find the perfect gift for your girl boss!

*some items listed contain affiliate links to make your life easy. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you!

Ring Light

Most businesses these days use social media to market themselves meaning they need good lighting for pictures, videos, and trainings! A ring light such as this one can help even the darkest rooms appear bright and professional. It is an essential for any business owner!

I love the design on this one with two different tones and a dimmer for the perfect light in any photo. It also comes with an adjustable stand and phone mount to make filming easy.


Another essential for any online or product based business. When you are first starting, hiring a photographer may be out of budget so a tripod like this one can help get that professional shot without a photographer.

Love that this one is collapsible and perfec