• Tara Simone

How I Grew to 10k on Instagram

How To Increase Your Instagram Following to 10k in 10 easy steps! See them all here!
How To Increase Your Instagram Following to 10k in 10 easy steps! See them all here!

I believe this blog is long overdue. I have been in this realm of work for over a year and have mentored dozens of women 1-on-1 how to grow their social media following and get paid to be themselves online! You've requesting it so here it is - HOW I became a social media influencer (and lifestyle coach) with no degree, certifications, or marketing experience!

okay...that last statement is partly false. I have a degree in nutrition and fitness, but neither of those really prepared me to growing my Instagram to 10k, sharing my life everyday with stranger, and running a business online! But it is how I got into it...

Three years ago, I was a college senior in a long distance relationship going through a quarter life crisis of what to do with my nutrition degree after college. After watching my long distance girlfriend be a nurse for 6 months, I knew the hospital life was not for me, but there is not much else you could with a nutrition degree other than be a Registered Dietitian. So I started looking for any job in my field without a RD licenses, but there were hardly none especially near my girlfriend...and that's when I found lifestyle coaching!

I was scrolling Instagram one night and found an ad looking for ladies that wanted to get into the online coaching world. The account that posted it had 40k followers and my personal page at the time had 300 followers, 10 grainy/poorly lit photos, and 2 years of pictures missing since I deleted them after a breakup (who can relate?) Anyways I was far from an ideal instagram influencer and when you run an online business, you online presences is EVERYTHANG (or at least it feels that way)

I knew I had to grow my account, but how?!? Honestly, it was a lot of trial and error, stalking other influencers, and f*ucking up, but here are all the things I learned on my journey to 10k that I hope help you!

1. Find something you LOVE

Like I mentioned I was in school for nutrition to my next right step was lifestyle coaching since I combined nutrition + fitness + mindset.

Look at your own life and figure out what you spend the most time watching, doing, googling, and talking about! Narrow it down to 5 things!! That's your niche (niche aka target market, online community, girl gang, ect)