• Tara Simone

10 Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

After our road trip to Colorado, I realized just how hard it is to stay healthy while on the road. That's why I am giving you my best tips to stay healthy on the go, healthy road trip snacks, and fitness tips too! Click the link for all the tips!

Travel is kinda of my middle name these days and fitness is my passion whether we are in freezing Vermont or magical Disney. I wanted to share with you my top tips to stay healthy while road tripping to your parents, on a cruise for vacation, or anywhere else you may travel!

In the past few years I have gone to Disney World, Indianapolis, Chicago, Aruba, Los Angeles, the Bahamas, and road tripped to Colorado, Maine, and New Jersey from Vermont all while running a wellness based business.

There's been times I have worked out in airports waiting for connecting flights, snuck healthy snacks into my luggage, and eaten out of tupperware while driving because ya girl got goals & loves to FEEL GOOD!

After doing all the things to stay healthy and happy while traveling, I wanted to share with you my best tips, tricks, and hacks to keep your goals in mind, but still enjoy yourself, and maybe save a buck or two!

1. Pack all your breakfasts and snacks!

Last summer while in Disney World, I was that girl chugging a protein shake in the lines waiting for the park to open cause I took my breakfast to go every morning. Planning to have my superfood shakes for breakfast saved me not only a ton of time and money, but also helped keep me away from spending all my money on the Mickey waffles!

Now anytime I travel I pack a blender bottle and as many superfood (or protein) packets I can into it so I always have a healthy start to the day! You could also do this with oatmeal or snack bars to save money and some calories will traveling!

I have the same tip for snacks while traveling too! My carry on always has trail mix, microwave popcorn packets, snack bars, nuts, and rice cakes so I don't end up of eating whatever I can find near the hotel.

For road trips, I love bringing deli turkey, peeled hard boiled eggs, fruit, and snack bars that are easy to eat while driving and stay good a little longer.

2. Schedule your workouts before you leave