• Tara Simone

How To Stop Overeating At Night

How to stop binge eating at night while still enjoying yourself. After years of thinking I had to avoid certain foods, like donuts, I finally find a healthy balance and moderation using these  spiritual and practical tips.

I have been an emotional eater for 6 years...*correction - I WAS an emotional eater for 6 years. At one point in time, I thought I would never stop overeating and conquer my food addiction. Most days I was happy if I could just have one day without eating everything in the fridge at night. But I found a few practical tips - and of course, some spiritual ones - to finally stop binge eating without relying on willpower or some magic pill.

Before this I tried every diet, pill, trick, and promise I heard to stop the sugar cravings. Each time I would feel so defeated when it did not work and would turn to food because I saw no hope. After a couple weeks I would try again with the same result. Sound familiar?

After 6 years of this I FINALLY found what works for me and today I am officially two weeks of no binging without doing anything crazy. Better yet, I have not had to urge to overeat at night or eat my favorite binge foods.

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1. Make Sure You Are Eating Enough Throughout The Day

Restricting yourself during the day - intentionally or unintentionally - will make you more hungry leading to a binge. Aim to eat at least 3 meals a day and focus on high volume foods, such a vegetables, to keep you full.

2. Drink Enough Water

Our bodies confuse thirst and hunger signals all the time. Make sure you are getting at least half your body weight in ounces of water a day or 9-11 glasses. This will also help keep you full and let's be honest - we all need to up our hydration game.

For years I struggled with binge eating at night and thought I needed more willpower. I finally learned how to stop overeating my favorite sugar cravings and find moderation and balance.

3. Get Rid Of Your Triggers