• Tara Simone

How to Stop Mindless Snacking

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

How to stop overeating and mindless snacking so you can truly experience food freedom and heal the relationship with your body and food. Using the best tips from 2B Mindset to help you overcome food addiction!

We have ALL been there. Suddenly the entire bag of chips or pack of cookies is gone and you have no idea how you ate so many. Mindless snacking and eating can have a lot of negative effects on health and weight if it becomes a habit. For years, I struggled with emotional eating and overeating at night on all the snacks and here is what actually helped me stop it for good.

Let's start here. Snacking is not bad. Eating is not bad. Indulging in decadent food is not bad. Consuming food without fully being present, enjoying, and acknowledging it is the problem. If you are going to eat a delicious chocolate chip cookie, wouldn't you rather enjoy every single slightly melted chocolate chip and warm chewy cookie versus just shoving it in your mouth? I truly believe if you took more time to be present with your food, you would not eat as much because you actually savored what you put in your mouth. Sometimes you are so busy doing other things while you eat, you forgot what you ate so you eat more. I have seen this happen with dozens of my clients and here is what helped them the most:

1. Turn off the technology

Not only is it rude to use your phone at the table, it is also causing you to eat more. Put the phone down, shut off the TV, stop typing that email, and look at what you are eating. Smell it, taste it, be grateful for it.

2. Sit at the table

If you are eating in bed or on the couch while watching TV, it can lead to overeating. You are super comfy, binging Netflix, and just keep reaching down for that next bite. Go sit at the table or counter, put your food on a plate, and eat it there. It is a little trick for your mind and leads to less crumbs in between the cushions.

Mindful eating tips to help you feel empowered by your food choices and tune into to what your body needs. Giving you all the best tips from 2B Mindset to unteach diet culture and help you make good food choices.

3. Prepare your own meals

This is not a set in stone rule cause who doesn't love a nice meal out, but when you take the time to cook your own food you appreciate it that much more. This also helps you take pride in what you put into your body. For recipe inspiration, check out my Pinterest board for my clients here.

4. Stop eating out of the box

Pour those chips, cookies, candies, etc into a bowl and close up the bag or box. his way even if you start to mindlessly eat you are only have a few instead of the entire bag. I also love doing this because now I don't fill up on one snack and can enjoy others!