• Tara Simone

My Struggle & Triumph Over Binge Eating & Emotional Eating

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

How I overcame emotional eating and my best tips to cope during recovery as well as emotional eating documentaries, movies, and books to serve you on your journey! Click here to read it all.

It all started in high school - the eating when no one else was around, feeling ashamed of my body, promising myself today I would be "good" with food, starving myself all day to make up for binge eating the day before only to do it all over again - and it didn't end. Ever.

I don't say that to make you give up hope, but to be honest. Any eating disorder, or mental health disorder, is never fully 100% cured. You will relapse. You will question if you'll ever be "normal". You will have amazing days, months, and even years, but never really know if its gone forever.

Everyday I am reminded of my eating disorder struggles, and everyday I get to decide who is in charge - Me, the lifestyle and fitness coach obsessed with her own growth here to make a difference by shining her inner light, or the disorder.

My intention is to show you how I cope on the days my disorder is winning and how to turn your setback into a comeback.

(disclaimer: while I do have a BS in nutrition and AS in exercise science as well as a nutrition certification, I HIGHLY recommend seeking professional help if you think you may be suffering from any mental health illness. You got this babe! ❤︎ )

1. Stop Dieting

As I mentioned above some days are better than others. Some days I can eat healthy, not think about food at all, and enjoy myself without going overboard. Other days it is not as easy to separate food from my emotions or control either.

Personally, my binging is triggered by restricting. The word "diet" immediately turns a switch in my brain. All it takes is one tiny slip from that "diet" to have me elbow deep in the cookie jar or scavenging the fridge for snacks.

The easiest way to prevent that is not "diet" or track calories and macros. I did that for years and while it is a great tool for many that turns food into a numbers game to me which triggers my binge eating.

Currently, I focus on portion control using colored containers and a calorie and macro free tracking app! This allows me to make sure I get enough vegetables and protein without focusing on the numbers as much.

For more details on this way of eating, check out Happy BOD Babes or email