• Tara Simone

The Art of Surrender I How to #RelaxToReceive Your Manifestations

How to Surrender Your Desires to The Universe and Finally Manifest with the Law of Attraction. Read this blog for all 5 tips from Magically Tara Simone on how to relax to receive and manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams!

You may have heard of the "Art of Surrender" if you have read any Abraham Hicks books or recently learned about manifesting with the law of attraction. This is the hardest part of manifestation, but luckily one of the last things you need to do to receive. You may be wondering "how do I surrender (or as others say "let it go") when I really want something?" Here are my best tips to help you relax so you can finally get into the receiving mode and manifest your desires!

It is important to note, if you haven't read my blog on Manifestation 101 you may want to start there. I share my exact 8 step process to manifest anything and surrendering is number 7 so definitely read that blog first to get a basic understanding before diving in deeper below.

Now that you understand law of attraction a little bit better, lets learn how to surrender your desires to the universe so you can finally manifest!

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Why do I need to surrender my desires?

So here's the thing...if you have been working towards a desire for months and you're not seeming to make any progress that may be a sign you need to let it go. I'm not saying give up on it completely. But most likely, you are spending time every day trying to manifest this desire and although you may be visualizing it, affirming what you want, and doing "all the right things" your energy doesn't lie.

All this time you are spending thinking about your desires may actually be pushing them away. For example, if you are affirming daily "I am a wealthy woman", but feel lack or scarcity just thinking about money that affirmation may be doing more harm than good. While you may be saying one thing with your words, your energy is saying something else and the Universe only "hears" your energy.

But only YOU can tell if that is the case. Take a moment to look at your daily manifestation practice and how you feel doing it. If it doesn't give you the warm fuzzies inside and put a smile on your face, it is time to switch it up! This blog has 10 ideas to create your own Magical Morning Routine that may be super helpful and include a lot of things I do daily to get into alignment.

By taking an honest look at your desires you may notice a few you need to surrender or may be change altogether. Again this isn't giving up on them, but it is removing resistance so you can finally allow them into your experience.

Before You Surrender...