• Tara Simone

Best Courses for Online Entrepreneurs

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

The best online courses for spiritual entrepreneurs that teach marketing, selling, and social media by Amanda Frances, Jenna Kutcher, and more female entrepreneurs!

Congrats on just starting your online business! There is so much to learn and it may get overwhelming so I wanted to share my favorite business courses that I took when I first started Beachbody coaching that taught me the most. Everything from branding, social media marketing, website design, course creation, and mindset was taught to be by teaches such as Amanda Frances and Jenna Kutcher. I will share their best courses and what each covers so you can find the next right one for you and your new business!

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1. Money Mentality Makeover by Amanda Frances aka the BEST course of manifesting money

I had to put this one first cause I recommend it the most! The other courses I mention below will teach you strategy, but this is all about energy. Learning how to remove your money blocks, manifest abundance, and listen to your intuition will make all the strategy so much easier. This one course alone could change your business (and life). It helped me go from $200 to $2,000 months in business and transformed my mindset around self worth. Life changing to say the least and only open two times a year. Get on the waitlist (& receive free money making bonuses) here: https://amandafrances.com/mmm-enrollnow

If can't wait for next enrollment period of Money Mentality Makeover, you can grab her smaller bundle, Drop the Motherfucking Money Struggle, here. You will also receive a coupon for the cost of the course towards Money Mentality Makeover when it launches!

2. Course Creation Queen by Amanda Frances

Sign up for Course Creation Queen by Amanda Frances to learn how to create, sell, and host your first online course!