• Tara Simone

The Real Reason You're Not Seeing Progress

Girl, if you are reading this I have totally been there! You are doing all the right things - going to the gym, eating your veggies, sleeping more - but not seeing the results you want! Eventually one of three things will happen: You give up. You go crazy. Or you figure out what's missing. I am hoping these questions will help you find what to tweak and not make you go crazy or quit on your fitness goals.

It is important to mention before we dive into all of these tips that EVERYONE sees progress differently! Do not compare your journey to your friend's, mom's, husband's, whoever's journey because that will not help you get any closer to your goals!

Now let's figure this out together!

1. Are you being honest with yourself?

I know personally, if I have an extra snack at night it conveniently never gets added into my nutrition app. At the end of the week a couple extra snacks here and there adds up so while you forgot about that late night cookie, your body didn't.

The same is true for your fitness journey! Did you really go all in with your cardio? Did you take it easy during a lift? All that adds up overtime! The more honest you are with yourself the easier it will be to see progress and course correct when you plateau!

For the next week be meticulous with your food and exercise log and see if that moves you closer to your goal! Also keep in mind that not all nutrition info is 100% correct so account for an extra 10% more than what you logged. For example, if you end the day at 2000 calories according to your log add an additional 200 calories to make up for human error.

(If calorie or macro counting isn't for you consider, portion control and eating by food groups! For more help with this, check out Happy BOD Babes)

2. Are you drinking enough water?

This could change your entire life if you have n