• Tara Simone

Vitality Virtual Fit Studio

Updated: Nov 23



Do you feel as if you never have time for yourself?

Do you desire to create a healthy lifestyle, but feel too busy to start?

Do you keep putting your health - mentally, physically, and spiritually- on the back burner?

Do you wonder how to get more in tune with yourself but not sure how to?

Do you want more high vibe friends to uplift and support you?!

Do just wish everything you needed to do daily to look and FEEL your best was just written out for you?


For years I knew my unhealthy habits were not serving me or my goals, but I didn't know how to create better ones with everything going on in my life. Between jobs, housework, relationships, and just adulting, it felt that there was no time to go to a gym or cook a healthy meal. Definitely not enough time in a day to meditate or relax while reading a book!

That is why I created the Vitality Virtual Fit Studio!

This the BEST online membership is for the woman ready to commit 30 minutes a day to embodying her highest self because when you feel good, you do good! I've been using the tools in the Fit Studio for years to help me get into alignment every single day and manifest the life of my dreams! Using quick home workouts, easy af healthy meal planning, and a few daily mindful practices such as visualization and self help books, you are going to look and FEEL your best too!

No long hours in the gym. No restrictive diets. No more wondering how to raise your vibes.. Just real effing results!

***this is NOT a weight loss program...its a new way of living in alignment with your highest self! As your mindset and habits change to embody that next level version of you, your body may change as well just like it did for these lovely fit studio babes!***