• Tara Simone

How To Wake Up Early : 5 Tips To Make You A Morning Person

Are you in a rush every morning because you struggle to wake up early? You want to have a miracle morning and be productive, but you struggle when the alarm goes off. GIRL I feel you. Try these 5 tips if you want to wake up earlier and NOT feel tired.

If you know me, I am not a morning person. I can of course get up when I need to, but if it were up to me I would sleep in everyday. But after becoming an entrepreneur I started to feel guilty about wasting my mornings in bed - but that was not enough to get me up. So I tried EVERYTHANG and found these 5 tips helped the most with waking up earlier and becoming a morning person!

And no - I am not going to lecture you about bed time. Sleep is extremely important to your health, but I am still a night owl and am able to wake up not groggy with only 5 hours of sleep using these tips.

1. Get a sunrise alarm clock

This has been a GAME CHANGER for me! The gradual light and literally birdies chirping helps you wake up slowly so you are not jolted out of a REM cycle. When you wake up extremely tired it can be caused by a disrupted REM -aka deep sleep - cycle. By gradually increasing light and sound your body slowly comes out of REM so you wake up peacefully instead.

I got mine on Amazon for under $30 and it includes 8 different LED light colors, radio, and sunset setting.

Bonus tip: Put it ACROSS THE ROOM! Make yourself get up to turn it off.

2. Prep for the morning

Make your life easier - and save a couple minutes - by setting up your clothes and bag the night before. I always lay out my workout clothes, preworkout, and laptop with workout open before bed. Since it is all waiting I have no excuse not to get up and do my 30 minute workout.

This tip makes it slightly easier to get up and saves a few minutes as well as frustration in the morning trying to find things in the dark.