• Tara Simone

Why ALL Diets Fail + How To Listen To Your Body

If you're like this fitness coach, you have tried every far diet out there with no success. The truth is diets don't work, but these 5 tips do. Ditch the diet industry and tune into your body.

I've debated writing this blog since I already know I will get messages saying "But Tara I lost ____ with Keto!" or "It's not a diet...it's a lifestyle change." Honestly, I use to say the same. For years I would try the latest fad diet, end up not sticking to it, and give up for a few weeks before trying the next. I have seen this happen time and time again because diets tend to be extremely restrictive which causes our brain to crave the "bad" foods more.

Unfortunately, this is what the diet industry wants. If you lose the weight, they don't make money off you anymore. But if you continue in this cycle of fad diets, restricting-binging, and weight gain - they make a fortune!

So how can we lose the weight for good and stop the diet industry?

The short answer: stop dieting!

The long answer: Your natural state is healthy af. Your body knows what is good for it. The problem is we do not know how to listen to it. We have spent years ignoring its subtle cues, overindulging, and filling our bodies with chemicals hidden in food that these signals are hard to hear.

Think about the last time you had a lot of ice cream. What did your body do? In my experience...I bloat, get gassy, breakout, and have headaches. Those are all signs that dairy and sugar are not my friends.

Maybe you have had a similar experience with another food, but took a Tums and ignored it because it is not huge problem. Imagine if that food caused an allergic reaction in your body, would you avoid that food now?

Our bodies are intricately designed and everything - acne, weak nails, dry skin, fatigue, gas, bad breath, dandruff, etc - is connected to our internal environment that is drastically affected by the foods we eat, the products we use, and the environment we live in.

By focusing on how our body's react, we can create the perfect lifestyle & way of eating that helps us stay at a healthy weight forever without restricting.

That is the problem with traditional diets.

They only work if you stay on them forever. The second you stop eating this certain way - the weight comes back sometimes even more!

In my experience, any diet will work. You can lose weight on Keto, Paleo, Whole30, or anything else out there. But can you stick to it?