• Tara Simone

Why You Should (and Shouldn't) Become A Lifestyle Coach!

Anyone else stalk Fitness Influencers and Coaches on Instagram wondering how the eff they do it? They are always traveling, working out, and hanging out with their tribe, but what do they actually do for a living?! If you have ever considered becoming a health coach online, read this first to learn why you should and shouldn't!

Before you become a health coach there are numerous things to consider just like any other job! I am going to be sharing real life experiences of how I went from nutrition graduate to online fitness coach to now what I call lifestyle coach and what I wish I really knew before becoming a health coach. My hope is that this will help you decide if you should become an online health coach too!

What is Lifestyle Coaching?

I have been asked this a lot by friends, family, and readers of this blog and my Instagram since I began in this field almost two years ago. It seems many are intrigued on how I went straight from graduating with my BS in Nutrition (which btw TOTALLY is not required to be a lifestyle coach) to owning an online business with no education in marketing or entrepreneurship!

Even though the flexibility to work for yourself anywhere and any time seems glamorous to some, there is a lot of work behind the scenes to become a successful health coach! I'm not gonna lie, this job is extremely rewarding, but also takes massive amounts of work at first to get it off the ground.

3 Reasons You Should Become A Health Coach

1. You want to improve your health and your families!

Honesty time...I learned more about nutrition as a lifestyle coach than during my 4 year degree. Constantly learning more to pour into my clients and researching answers to their questions taught me so much more than a text book ever did! Also I did not lose the freshman 15 until I became a lifestyle coach because I needed that added accountability of my health being part of my job. So if you want to become a health coach just to benefit yourself that is totally fine!

Tons of the ladies I mentor to start their own coaching business originally get into the field looking to improve their own health or that of their family. Like I mentioned, I learned so much about nutrition, fitness, mindset, and overall wellbeing when I became a lifestyle coach. You do not have to actually coach others, but can use the information you learn as a coach to branch out into a million different things such as blogging, food photography, author, life coach, influencer, and more just to name a few! (PS. this is why I call myself a lifestyle coach because it has branched into so much more than just fitness and nutrition for me)

2. You want to impact others positively and create a career out of helping people

There is nothing that puts a smile on my face more than hearing my client lost the 25lbs she has been struggling with for years! The fact I get paid to do help others AND never have to leave my house is INSANE. The community we are able to make for our clients and the results they see is the most rewarding part of this job. Seriously, I've had people tell me what I do for a living is "to good to be true" and it feels like that majority of the time! (we will get into the not so fun stuff in a minute)

If you love helping others and want to get paid to do it, lifestyle coaching may be for you! Of course, there are tons of other routes to take such as nursing, dietitian, personal trainer, therapist, ect. But the reason I, and a lot of the ladies I mentor, went the coach route is simply because there is no degree required so it is extremely cheap to start! My business only cost $200 initially and has paid